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A Unique Experience of Country Rock,
Americana and So Much More...


The Sky Kings is a classic Country Rock Americana band with a signature blend of clear vocal harmonies and lush instrumentation.

Influenced by their favorite artists including CSN, The Byrds, The Eagles, Jackson Browne, John Hiatt, Steely Dan, and Billy Joel, The Sky Kings offer up an amazing, eclectic collection of songs while blending original material seamlessly into their show!

The Sky Kings (formerly known as The Rangers) regularly toured the West, headlining shows and opening for such acts as Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Alabama, Trisha Yearwood, Poco, Leanne Womack, Wynonna Judd, Merle Haggard and others.

The Sky Kings deliver a powerful mix of vocal stylings.

Soulful, melodic and hot guitar solos.

World class rhythm and horn section.

You’ll find that this is the perfect mix that will lift any audience to their feet!

The Sky Kings are:
Bill Walsh - Rhythm Guitar /  Vocals

Mitch Ballard - Guitar /  Vocals

Michael Gregory - Lead Guitar / Vocals

Matt Twain - Keyboard / Vocals

Aaron Gayden - Keyboard / Vocals
Ian Worley - Bass

Michael Curtis Jr - Drums

Mark Wheeler - Sax

Jerry Verseput - EVI (Electronic Horn)

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